Deep Down 

Hi, everyone! I hope this post finds you well and also brings you some excitement. Wanted to share that over the past few months I have been collaborating with my friend Erica Lauren on a project I conceived out of desperation for an outlet. She and I are incredibly close, and when I needed a way to help express the things weighing on me; she was the first person I thought of to help me bring them to life. In the process we have both been able to resolved some of our individual struggles, and become closer as friends. The benefits have gone beyond photos; they’ve helped feed us with empowerment and motivation. And, my hope is, that’s what they will do for you.

So what is ‘Deep Down’ all about?

'Deep Down' is a photo/writing project I hope you will find some comfort in. The messages you will see are either common thoughts we've all encountered, or that have flooded my mind in moments of pain, doubt, love or sheer happiness. Some served as self-motivation, and others self-reflection. Basically, they're all the things I feel deep down. Taking my writing and mashing it together with Erica's beautiful photography to help tell a larger story. A story that will unite us, and a story that will help to offer something we can't find within ourselves. 

The photos you see above are a few candids taken during our escape to Lake Arrowhead. I will post the first photo from the project tomorrow, and then every two weeks going froward. There’s also now a tag page on my blog — ‘Deep Down’ — you can visit to keep an eye on what we share. We have a nice collection so far, but will continue to keep the project going as long as we can.

Above all else I hope this small project will motivate you in some way. Either to have an idea and actually go thought with it, collaborate with your friends, or just create something.

Create anything you can put your heart into. 

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Photos by: byericalauren

Very excited to show you what we’ve been creating.



Blimey! We’ve caught Hot Shots of one of the rarest sights at Warped Tour!

We present to you the elusive view of a rock star standing still! Catch The Maine, Chelsea Grin, Dangerkids, We the Kings and more!


Breathe Carolina


The Summer Set

They look so peaceful with their peace signs…

byericalauren took some photos at Warped! Yay! :)